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Dog napping in between me and the chair

Burned my finger while making a burrito. Owuchie. That white line is the burner mark.

Foreground:Jorge the cat. Background: Rhys the dog.
The animals are being lazy with me today! Lots of furry cuddles happening.

Had to wake Rhys up to take her out this morning. She is still sleepy from our hike yesterday. She's asleep on my lap right now.





The cat is hiding under my blanket on the chair

Sleepy,snoring dog.

And yeah the chair is from ikea

oh how I miss rural Missouri. There is a guy down the street with a rooster.

Burrito has been eaten. Need to do some research but this keeps distracting me:

The pants in question:: fucking hideous.

Tired pup.

I am going to clean and make hot Italian sausage for dinner. Time to feed Rhys....does she looks hungry?

Rhys with pizzle "cigar"

Seriously I am watching 16 and pregnant and I may or may not be crying with this on my lap:

My welcome back from school cuddle.

Family cuddle time while watching Lost

My sicky cuddle boy. Wife out for food-so as not to make me more nauseated. Orange Gatorade is my friend.

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