Likes drawing, reading, videogames, LARP, etc. All in all just a random person that was bored enough to sign up here :D

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When you look at a drawing in the making and suddenly your mind drifts off... 8D;

  • 928 days ago via site
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#JackFrost your hair is killing me. Ugh. (Now I know why I drew him with the hood up before, even though I suck at hoods...)

  • 958 days ago via site
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"But at least I'll keep the colouring quick and simple... right?" Not right. #weeps #thisisstealingwaytoomuchtime

  • 972 days ago via site
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What the hell am I doing. What part of "quick junk-art" didn't I understand? Just what have I started. /cries

  • 972 days ago via site
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"Oh yeah, I'm just going to do a really quick junk art of this, keep it sketchy..." *ends up already spending way too much time & details on the lineart* OTL

  • 973 days ago via site
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Oh god, I'm in love with my new pencil PS brush. It actually looks like drawn with a real one o_o

  • 980 days ago via site
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Got into the (lately very rare) mood to doodle around a little, and it actually turned out okay so far :0 Let's see if it'll stay that way...

  • 1018 days ago via site
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So würd ich's mir auch bei der tatsächlichen Prüfung wünschen :D; *noch einen Bogen mach* #yetanothergermantweet

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Pretty sky looked pretty.

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The café underneath the BLS course room is really comfortably decorated with a very nice owner~ Hope it'll be over soon after the break =3= *tired*

Working on an additional small compensation to my #ACEO trade-partner for having let them wait for over a year *_*;

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#omnomnom #tea

  • 1097 days ago via site
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Having some sushi #onomnom

Zombie restaurant in London? *_*;;

  • 1191 days ago via site
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Got my first taste of London today and met two of my cousins for the first time :) Tomorrow I'll start exploring the city for real~

  • 1192 days ago via site
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Made some jewelery with my cousin at her place. The hairpin on the bottom is my first own piece :D

Fressorg- äh ich meine, #HOEX Orgatreffen ziemlich konstruktiv überstanden :D Wieder daheim allerdings Anflug eines Kratzens im Hals :| #DoNotWant

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I had forgotten how much sexier paintings look with additional colored highlights :D (...and to continue the Loki practice-sketches until now. Go me.)

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Behold the VENTILA#THOR. Because I haven't shared the result of nightly brain-melting induced silliness here yet. It was still very hot at night, so I went to get the fan ("Ventilator" in german) for my room and then this lame pun came to mind and… it just happened.

  • 1217 days ago via site
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Twister im Irish Pub - wie in alten Zeiten :D