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Geektastic. Mostly inane tweets about video games, books, and movies, with a dash of my personal life here and there. Supplemented with the occasional doodle.

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Aww yiss

Forgot my photo. SNNNOOOOWWWW

May I proudly present to you: The Return of the Cat

Oh nooooo a snooooze

Visiting a happier Aika! The IV's in her right arm. She's having a purr and rubbing every available corner.

Seems legit.

Enjoying the sunbreak, Tesla?

Yaaaay my Cucumber Quest Kickstarter stuff came in! Thanks !

Aika found a lovely place for a sit.

Look what I found

Date night! #soadult #sofancy


Aika, get off of my computer. You can't just--

Oh, wow. It IS really warm on top of there.

Scoot over.

Thanks for hosting out first Thanksgiving as a married couple!

What a time to be alive.

Hello from the cats. They're doing really well! #kirkwoodtokirkland

The cats say hello. They're doing extraordinarily well! #kirkwoodtokirkland

Last dinner in Bloomington. I think it's a good choice.


["The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" starts playing]