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I tweet about cats too much. Married to the awesome @wombat1974. From SFO. Geek. Designer. Illustrator. Mexican food is a way of life.

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I'm really surprised I didn't get more comments on this. Made for a friend who looks like THOR who has a chick hitting on him at work.

As promised, though a bit late:

Symbiosis of warms.

Symbiosis if warms.

Queen Bella the 1st in her official royal portrait


In a short clapotis knitted by the lovely ! I think she did your beautiful spinning justice. x

This just happened.

The moods of Emma Watson vs Kristin Stewart

Oh Patrick Swayze, I had so many dance fantasies involving you in my teens. Sadly it'd be more like the Fantasia hippos

Someone looks comfy.

Saw this on facebook. Had a giggle.

Please Post No Bills

What kind of dinosaur are you?

Too much duckface on your birthday.

This is the result of not remembering George Clooney's name and asking , thus resulting in Nespresso Batman.


It's lost on me, but I have a feeling you might get this: