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Future President of the United big deal.

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Now this is my life. I barely survived my first LC homecoming #death

This is my life

Obama can't speak without his precious teleprompter...why is he in my public speaking book? #gop2012 #nobama #idiot

From Chuckie

Project x style

Pretty kitty

this is what I'm forced to eat

#CatNap #LongNight I love my girllllll<3

I'm leaving for college in 6 days, so guess what I'm doing...#ArtsandCrafts #penguin


Curiosity Killed the Cat lololol

#TheProblemWithAmerica is that not everyone is proud to be American! Very disappointed! That should be 100%!

Livin it up

Grilled cheese with swiss and a KNOW I'm italian!

#psandersmemories Your weekend with me in Chicago!

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