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Bubbles everywhere...

Its bubbles time...

The place to be...w/the Girls! xoxox

k, it is!! :P

This house's front patio is made into a boat. 2 bad the sails wrn't up.Note: I did stop to take this

Alright folks, do u c what I c, sitting on top of n old bridge pillar?? #thingsyouseeuphome #redneck

Chloe, aka my cat, is definitely living the life at mom n dad's. #iheartyouchloe

My cat, now Mom n Dad's, enjoying the flowers I bought for mom. #Chloe

Aww Home Sweet Home. Thanks to my iPod n Twitter peeps for their company along the way #happytovisit

F*ck, there's even construction on #Neguac's only main drag. #illnevergethome

This is my annoyed face after driving for longer than what is usually anticipated. #construction

Aww the famous #Miramichi bridge!! K, fine, not so famous. #closertohome

Craving cured!! #yummy

After two big nights out w/the TO boys, a well deserved late bk: scramble eggs n lobster! #soyummy

Oh coral heels of my life - tonight, together, we walk the walk, talk the talk... #action

Well I know what I'm drinking tonight - cause its all I got. #beer

I think my random beer collection is as excited as I am for the arrival of my new fridge! #coldone

Bring on the crowd #Moncton! :) Great concert!

Aww beautiful downtown #Moncton!! #happycitizen

Quite a crowd at the City Hall plaza - thank gawd I'm on the roof! :D #luckybastardIam