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Welcome to that other part of me - inside and out. Take it...or leave it n run! *tough cookie*

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I guess bunnies do get bunnies on Easter! ;) #proofinthepudding

Heated toilet seats at resto e11even in TO and plus???? :S

Wine list on iPad at resto e11even in TO - now we're talking! #techysmart

Good morning Toronto! :)

I had n HR n a Brown Cow - WTF!? #lovemyboozebutconfused

Testing... Cc. #mayordoesitthisway

This is me this week - on a cabbage roll...I mean cleansing! Haha! #luvzit

Mick Jagger is in my book of Economic studies - I wonder if I'll run into Bono also eventually.

Jean-Francois moved in as fast as he moved out - the gay boys want him back! #youwillbemissed

Mmm... Love sushi!!! #yummy

My girlz! Xo

My Vino glass of the night... #shopaholic #blond #bowtie

Gifts for us!? Or is your wife's shoes order in?? :-/ cc. &

Oh my, 'beaver tail' at the Moncton Market?!? Yumm! ;)

If only those men were hanging off my window right now.... #mreeoooww

Oh look! Its Wednesday again, 2 days in a row, but on the right day this time ;) #timesandtranscript

OMG! Its already Xmas in all the flyers - and Halloween was when? Monday?!? #jinglebelljinglebell

As requested on FB - here's a whole dish pan full just for you!!! #yumm

And my car cldnt make it home - here it is being towed away... :(

NovaBus on trial all the way frm Halifax in the City of Moncton - let's go for a ride! #accordionbus

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