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Good morning from myself and my puppy!

kinda love my new home screen background on my ipod:)

don't mind me. just sobbing because i miss LeakyCon & we should be in at leaky, not work

check it. #thankWalmart

working the I-wore-this-yesterday-and-really-need-a-shower-and-to-shave-my-legs look. #hot

look what i just received! Lol can't wait to make some yummy treats.

only part of my get up. the rest is the layers underneath, another coat, and two pairs of gloves.

did i ever tell you that i was on 4 billboards around town when i was a sophomore in high school?

part of my Christmas gift from my best friend. #omnomnom

and then all my workouts this week were shot to hell. #yowaffle

hey look. I'm drinkin a Sun..

my dad the hipster. #whatadork

me & enjoying some fried pickles at Buffalo Wild Wings earlier today :D #superfriends

no i didn't just buy these undie from walmart #manofsteel #mensbriefsareSUPERcomfy

my new phone background :) #thanktumblr

not my best, but i haven't completely lost my touch. :D

breakfast at The Oxford

hurray for all the notes i have to study over and over again! #Chemistry123candieinahole

oh here's a better picture. #yummy

peanutbutter FroYo with cheesecake, brownie, and chocolatechip cookie dough bits. #straighttomyass

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