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Connecting designers & artists to good people. Art, jewelry, apparel. Named Best Boutique, SW Portland by Style & Fashion Awards. Loving Project Runway.

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The rare kind, a hero and Shero, a goddess in herself, too powerful for casual & flippant Twitter interpretation.

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The healing power of play.
Thank you Jacque for modeling for us. Photo: Julian James Wilde.

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Look at her angelic face, sweet smile and ombré purple hair.
Look at the glint of mischief in my eyes.

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Raw photo still in camera of pretty Alexandra modeling at our boutique in Portland, Oregon. Photo: Hal Harrison.

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She exhales sunshine.
Aquamarine necklace at

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Looking for to seeing ! Thanks via of Janet Wainwright Public Relations!

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Thanks Anya Montrose of Janet Wainwright Public Relations for the Dom Hemingway passes from Boutique!

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It's National Pet Day, or rather Angels Among Us Day. Right, Cali?

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Hmm, all dressed up. But now I think it was the cat pillows he likes.

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Today's goal is trying to find joy, not in anyone else, but in simply doing art for myself.

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She comes in like a wrecking ball and crushes everything in my view with her pretty.

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Camouflage: the use of materials, coloration for concealment and making them invisible.
Nice try, camo! Nice try!

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If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.

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She's all pretty in this Camoflesh Bikini and citrine and Tahitian pearl necklace by Anne Bocci Boutique in PDX.

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Some things just don't make sense.
Like how pretty someone can be inside and out.
Anne Bocci Boutique & Gallery

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Thelonious Monk Seal.

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I will let the snowflakes swallow time for me today, and in turn I will catch them one by one on my tongue.

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Getting lost in these hues
like hiking along the Deschutes
and suddenly loving the feeling of being profoundly invisible to the world
you are my paint box
my oasis
my impenetrable bubble of solace

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Not sure if this is for you or me. But Jewsbury made my Halloween. #RCTID

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I'd like a dry martini. A dry, arid, veritable dust bowl of a martini.
one that could be declared a disaster area.

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