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Connecting designers & artists to good people. Art, jewelry, apparel. Named Best Boutique, SW Portland by Style & Fashion Awards. Loving Project Runway.

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Some kind of pretty! Mandi Nichole modeling fine lingerie at

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Street Style #NYFW #StreetStyle #Mercedes-BenzFashionWeek #annebocci

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Flying tumbleweeds like the infinite cycle of indecision.

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Love is an electrical transformer. Regardless of it's monster posturing, the real energy is simply demur in just buzzing every day.

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Alexandra: our Faces of Portland series.

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The night fought with dawn to keep her. And then the knight fought with the pawn. She walked away unscathed.

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Damn wallflower, that mountain!!! Model Tiffany is looking BAM is this Lenzanita dress at

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The rare kind, a hero and Shero, a goddess in herself, too powerful for casual & flippant Twitter interpretation.

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The healing power of play.
Thank you Jacque for modeling for us. Photo: Julian James Wilde.

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Look at her angelic face, sweet smile and ombré purple hair.
Look at the glint of mischief in my eyes.

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Raw photo still in camera of pretty Alexandra modeling at our boutique in Portland, Oregon. Photo: Hal Harrison.

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She exhales sunshine.
Aquamarine necklace at

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Looking for to seeing ! Thanks via of Janet Wainwright Public Relations!

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Thanks Anya Montrose of Janet Wainwright Public Relations for the Dom Hemingway passes from Boutique!

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It's National Pet Day, or rather Angels Among Us Day. Right, Cali?

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Hmm, all dressed up. But now I think it was the cat pillows he likes.

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Today's goal is trying to find joy, not in anyone else, but in simply doing art for myself.

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She comes in like a wrecking ball and crushes everything in my view with her pretty.

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Camouflage: the use of materials, coloration for concealment and making them invisible.
Nice try, camo! Nice try!

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If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.

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