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20. funsized. portable. compact for your convenience. singer. FEMINIST. pessimist. college. member of the World Peace family #LAKERNATION #MambaMentality

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DING DING DING! I think we have a winnnner! Yes? No?

Oh lord! I think we have a winner!

Okay. ONE or TWO.

Uhm.... Guys.... Yes or no? I need help picking an outfit for san francisco on the 25th.

My mom....... -____-

Peep the top right hand corner. "Recession prices" LOL

Shit got waaaay outta hand, earlier. But I won. I sent 152. Hahahaha

LMAO i love confusing . He keeps dodging my questions. So I sent him this. He's so lost.

Sometimes I forget that is an OLD FART & doesn't understand my lingo

Somebody asked me if and I are really related.... I said, "DON'T YOU SEE THE RESEMBLANCE?!"

I used to be so wild & crazy that all my pictures had to be censored. Hahahaha #girlsgonewild

This reminded me of

JUST cleared out my inbox. But my best friend thinks he's being funny when he does this.

I HAVE THE MOST ANNOYING BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD. told him that i woke up to 50 drunk texts & after I clear em out, does THIS

Woke up to this. I hate you guys.

Hey , LOOK! You can park my gift outside. Thanks.

Buy this for me and I'll be your best friend. Hahahahaha