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This doctor is badass

First world problem, how do I fill this free space up? Whoever says porn will get a digital slap

I'll just leave this here

gue abis liat ini nih :|

Gem found.

[xxx] in a nutshell (you'll be able to guess, trust me)

Orang udah pake pakean ninja gini aja masih diliatin gini ya, palagi pake hotpants.

Birthday pug's horror!

"Did you back up?" "WHY, IS IT GONNA BLOW?"

Alpha wolf

Good morning! SNSD'S Seohyun as a bride

Good news. We don't need to operate on you!

kurang lebih segituan sih, other itu untuk yang ga bisa dikategorikan

Digital library in Bucharest. Scan the QR code and read

Yeah? Here's how to be a jerk.

how? :|

Good morning ladies and gents, Alison Brie

Sure, you know Batman. But did you know about Man-bat? Originally a villain, later became an ally.

Hypothetically speaking, if hell exists, then yep. Definitely.

Iranian women BEFORE the Islamic Revolution