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I got this error when activating my account

Hey , your ad redirection sucks. Tell your developers to at least try to use absolute URLs.

A lot of stuff going on on my menu bar, I hate it :/

See how silly this is, ? I get this every other page.

Dear , your bloody ads don't work and it's giving me redirection errors.

so scary!

When people ask me why I use a Mac, this is usually the answer.

Hi guys. Here's a basket full of puppies. Bye guys.

Fuck me my life sucks :")

macam gini, padahal udah download firmware yang betul :<

This is Lumina. She appears in FFXIII Lightning Returns.

XL is being a bitch. Again. Can't even browse anything even though I have full 3G coverage.

In case anyone wonders what the hell TUCUXI is

Thank you, Jesus

aw sucks :/

Hope this makes your day better (http://i.imgur.com/rKn32.jpg)

What the.. I can't even begin to..

Is iTunes trying to upload my media to iCloud? How do I stop this?

So apparently on the new iTunes..