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I am rooted in the internet and will topple over if it's taken away.

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I can't believe I'm putting this much effort into cleaning a keyboard...I need a new project

Lol there is this carnival a block from where I live. LA is so goofy and random.

Aww man I love it when this happens


I am sad I am not going to be here for this!

I can't even with this

Really heating pad? A five month warranty? The other one had a lifetime warranty. It lasted eight months.

Look at how much Panera technology has advanced since the last time I was here!

Someone nicer than me just put a towel over the food. Oh well.

no I thought it just added atmosphere, like this bird

This is one of the best impulse decisions I have ever made

$54. Not bad for my first ever home improvement project

Dear lord I haven't been this excited for something in a long time.

Lol I just discover that soda shop and look what they open 2 blocks from where I work:

Also my lotion uncapped in my bag but I'm choosing not to worry about this yet:

That soda pop stop was a good idea. I like when reddit tells me good things, aka .00001% of the time:

I ran into Voldemort again and took a very bad and not inconspicuous picture.

They betray me, they didn't keep their promise, they trick me, and I don't care anymore.

Look what I found wandering around for a Coffee Bean THAT WAS CLOSED

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED aka I have finally turned into one of *those people*