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Would a cute dog photo help?

So this gorgeous thing has just passed his bronze obedience class #proud

This one's for

Here's a photo of my dog doing an impression of a ferret:

Want to see a photo of a damp, fluffy terrier? I've got just the thing:

Woo. The points at York station are broken; I'm stuck on a train just outside. At least there's Cluedo on the table:

But someone's dismembered/prosthetic hands are allowed?

Think I'd best pack a brolly...

It's been a while since I posted a photo of my doggie so here's a new one:

Puppy's no longer in my bad books. After all, who can stay mad at this?

I'm sure he's dreaming of getting his paws on one of our squirrels:

Dogs can look up:

This looks uncomfortable:

What a softie!