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Also, too. #sochi

#FF , the creator of the very necessary #RAEGDOGE. He’s also hilarious, so do yourself a favor.

Thanks again everyone. These tweets are very comforting. #RIPNateDogg

Rest in peace, Nate Dogg. I’ll never stop loving you.

Rest in peace, Nate Dogg. I’ll never stop loving you.


It’s come to this: force-feeding pedialyte in a turkey baster to Dr. Dogg. I’m nothing if not creative.

I don’t understand what chicken flavored vegetarian ham is. MT : Tell us your top issues. Let’s win big in 2014.

I pick up my new black dog Lilly today. I’m a 2 black dog household now. #reverseraces

When did intersectionality become “whatever silly white women want it to mean to slam black women”?

This is great, from : What One White Guy Sees in Contemporary White Feminism™

10,000 White-Women Hating Maniacs is the name of my new band. We’re looking for a jazz flute player. Inquire within.

GERONIMO! #DoctorWho

RT : "Ancient Astronaut theorists posit that these scones were levitated over 160 miles." //

RT : The first Black American president eulogizing the first Black South African president. #Mandela //

Nate Dogg is just waiting for his moment. The food will fall to the ground… eventually. cc

My Fems of Color Twitter list and the reaction to ’s tweet.

My Fems of Color list and the reaction to ’s tweet.

THE INTERNET IS FOREVER, . #TWIBNation (image h/t )