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When ur in chains, living with no dignity or rights, bowing to criminal dictators, the first step is to forget ur fear & realize that its ur right.. to be angry

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In that attack Hussain was injured with shotgun pellets in his face, chest & legs. #bahrain

Since his arrest from hospital on the 3rd of Nov, 25 yr old Hussain Shamsan has disappeared #bahrain

2 year old daughter, mercenaries once beat up her father infront of her #bahrain

"My husband & loving father of our 2 daughters has given himself to this country" wife

" is feared by the regime cuz hez not afraid 2 expose their crimes" #bahrain

In support of activist some wearing T-shirts with his picture #bahrain

Pics of .. speaker speaks of how as an activist Said Yousif was tireless #bahrain

In support of detained activist .... now ppl gathered at Al-wehdawi #bahrain

They woke up on the sound of their door breaking, and its not the first time #bahrain

Being an activist in #bahrain means being constantly targetted & harassed another arrest

Usually the 1st to document such cases is BCHR activist Al-Muhafda #bahrain

Now in Samaheej, as ppl were celebrating a religious holiday, riot police shot at them #bahrain

we saw remains of police attacks on the graveyard, teargas cannisters lay arnd the grave #bahrain

We joined martyrs family 2day & carried picts of Jawad to his sons grave.. was very painful #bahrain

We joined martyrs family 2day & carried picts of Jawad to his sons grave.. was very painful #bahrain

To choose peaceful protest, after all pain & anger, shows patience & strength of this man #bahrain

Among our political prisoners are heroes like HRD Nabeel and martyr Al-shaikhs father #bahrain

Not only r bahrainis protesting, theyr doing it as families, parents and their children #bahrain

His 14 yr old son was killed by regime, 2night he sleeps in a prison cell for protesting #bahrain

This is wat the Alkhalifa regime does to bahraini children who dare to dream of freedom #bahrain