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When ur in chains, living with no dignity or rights, bowing to criminal dictators, the first step is to forget ur fear & realize that its ur right.. to be angry

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The graveyard walls across from the martyrs house is coevered with his pictures #Bahrain

martyrs body, legs, arm & shoulder were broken from crash that was caused by mercenaries #Bahrain

The martyrs sister at the funeral procession carrying a picture of Ali #Bahrain

The funeral procession has reached the graveyard now #Bahrain

Mourners waiting for the body of 16 year old martyr Ali #Bahrain

Today #Bahrain mourns another victim of the criminal alkhalifa regime, 16 yr Ali Radhi's

An old man injured on his way to friday prayer today after police attack #Bahrain

Protest in Karranah now #Bahrain

Another injury today, shot in the head with teargas cannister #Bahrain

This is what ppl were doing, mourning for Ali, when they got attacked today in Samaheej #Bahrain

Now in the martyrs village Samaheej, mourners walking in a candlelight vigil for Ali #Bahrain

10 year old shot in the knee with stun grenade today in Al-Meqsha village #Bahrain

Frnds and family preparing a final resting place for 16 year old martyr Ali Radhi now #Bahrain

This boys faith will shake ur throne Hamad #Bahrain

and this, this is the price we pay, for trying to fight the darkness #Bahrain RIP martyr Ali Radhi

Its a dark day when this happens to you on your way to mosque for friday prayer #Bahrain

Today is a day when bahrainis cud not make it to the mosque and prayed on the streets #Bahrain

Since then this pic has surfaced, we don't kno if its Ali, but nobody knows where Ali is #Bahrain

Amongst those trying to get to Diraz friday prayer was 16 yr old boy Ali Abbas Radhi #Bahrain