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When ur in chains, living with no dignity or rights, bowing to criminal dictators, the first step is to forget ur fear & realize that its ur right.. to be angry

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Gangs of riot police roaming around the streets of manama now #bahrain

While we protest hundreds of our brothers and sisters are behind bars #bahrain

They write in english hoping the world would hear them #bahrain

In a country with no freedom of speech our revolutionaries write on the walls #bahrain

A Bahraini protester asks the world for help #bahrain

Brave young Bahraini protester throwing the tear gas away from the protesters #bahrain

Peaceful bahraini bravery in the face of violent riot police is epic #bahrain

protesters stand strong in the face of the teargas that is killing Bahrainis #bahrain

Brave protester in Al-Eker today #bahrain

with family of 18 yr old protester who was taken by riot police last night & tortured #bahrain

even more used to tear gas than I am. 1 of the most beautiful smiles and a sign of victory #bahrain

Despite teargas protesters walk towards riot police #bahrain

More and more teargas #bahrain

One protester sitting infront of the riot police #bahrain

Protesters being attacked and not running #bahrain

The tear gas now in Malchiya #bahrain

The martyrs memory wil live on as long as the free have a beating heart #bahrain

Girl carrying a picture of one of the female political prisoners #bahrain

The 14 activist pics carried by protesters #bahrain

I want one of those hats :p #bahrain