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When ur in chains, living with no dignity or rights, bowing to criminal dictators, the first step is to forget ur fear & realize that its ur right.. to be angry

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Aqeel after being shot by mercenaries, now in this state is a political prisoner in #bahrain

Me and just tried to see injured Aqeel AbdulMohsen in Salmaniya hospital #bahrain

Families of political prisoners join the protest, even the children #bahrain

Protesters carry pics of political prisoners, who are burning to light our way to freedom #bahrain

Protest now in Al-Eker in support of the political prisoners at dry dock #bahrain

Hundreds of ppl joining the demonstration for Aqeel, now protesters praying for Aqeel #bahrain

Protest in support of injured Aqeel has started in Bani Jamra #bahrain

This week we were told Fisks book not only called 4 violence but incited wars amongst ppls #bahrain

When prison guards returned Aung Saan Suu Kyis book cuz IT called 4 violence, I had 2 laugh #bahrain

#ForeignAffairs magazine, its sposd to be abt US foreign policy but #bahraini regime knows better

#ForeignPolicy for instance, calls for violence accrding to Bahraini regime, & therefore not allowed

2day this statement was released by Prisoners of Conscience Coalition #Bahrain PCCB #HeroesinChains

Hussain told his sis "I can't make a sound, the silence is driving me crazy" #bahrain

Today the martyrs father was seen in hospital escorted by police, he suffers from arthritis #bahrain

family of martyr Farhan say it doesn't feel like its their home anymore #bahrain

Cartoonist shows the reality of raids in #bahrain

house in Mhazza after being raided, ppl were sleeping when mercenaries attacked #bahrain

Now we know, even with doors and locks, withing seconds ur house cud be full of masked men #bahrain

Villagers have their doors broken down so often its not worth it to put up new doors #bahrain

So many doors in Mhazza are broken, its strange when u see one that isn't #bahrain