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When ur in chains, living with no dignity or rights, bowing to criminal dictators, the first step is to forget ur fear & realize that its ur right.. to be angry

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Troll says "how can make victory sign while he cant breath" Did he not c Aqeel? #bahrain

2day we buried another martyr another victim of Alkhalifa regime, only 8 yrs old RIP Qassim #bahrain

Activist in hospital after inhaling teargas at Qassims funeral procession today #bahrain

As we hear the call for prayer, Daih is still surrounded by the Alkhalifa mercenaries #bahrain

Streets filled with riotpolice in jeeps & on foot, more riot police surround the villages #bahrain

Riot police everywhere on streets in Jidhafs & Daih Ppl shouting "Dowd Hamad" from rooftops #bahrain

tear gas was being shot at mourners, now riot police chasing mourners in village streets #bahrain

Riot police now attack mourners with teargas at a funeral of 8 year old teargas victim #bahrain

We don't need dialogues, we need heroes like martyr Abbas, ppl who stand fearlessly #bahrain

The whole village is filled with Qassims mourners thousands cry for the murder of innocence #bahrain

A mourner carries a sign at the funeral of Qassim "you have killed innocence" #bahrain

To those who r selling teargas to the criminal Alkhalifas.. Look what you are doing to us #bahrain

Children as young as martyr Qassim attend his funeral #bahrain

coffin of Qassim carried while mourners shout for downfall of his killer, Hamad Alkhalifa #bahrain

8 year old Qassim, killed by the Alkhalifa regime in #bahrain

Qassims mother crying earlier today as they dig her 8 year old sons grave #bahrain


I was reminded of how my dad was chained to a hospital bed, like many injured prisoners in #bahrain

Aqeel ur proof, they can spill our blood, but can't take our dignity. #bahrain

This is how injured protesters are handcuffed to their beds in hospitals in #bahrain