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Waiting for Kamelot!

I love love LOVE my girls! From Tuesday last week at Rosie's farewell dinner ♡

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This ain't a toy

Magician outfit

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Current alchemist outfit

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I need to stop with my vanity. I'll turn into a narcissist.

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Wait no, this is my favourite picture of myself LOL!

Photographed by

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I can't believe this was two years ago. Still my favourite full-body shot though my face looks so derp.

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HAHAHA OMFG! This is the best photo ever.

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This is how my friends were joking around on FB last night with 'status battles'. I'm not the only perverted one.

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This would be my favourite though. It's perfect in every way. (Damn you Saga. Damn you and your perfection)

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dia de los muertos

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Filipino egotism... BUT IT'S HILARIOUS

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One of my spiritual guardians: Yueze Shen (月側 神) in his dragon form

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The second sketch of 's that I coloured quickly. Just had to make sure she was ok with me posting first

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Forgive me . I purple-ified your sketch! (it looks so simple yet it's 18 layers wtf)

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Seriously babe. How am I not supposed to worry when your expression was like this last night?

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My playlist for when I'm feeling low. Gazette always manages to soothe my heart.

4:44am still awake. My girlfriends thought it was cute that I moved icons away from his face in this screen of my phone

I'm not drunk, promise!

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