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I believe in vampires, online shopping, bold lipstick, the NY Jets, NSYNC reuniting, and Canadians

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Even my cat is judging me for buying ANOTHER tube of toothpaste. Apparently 3 full tubes was not enough. #hoarder

Probably one of my favorite pictures ever. This makes me miss Theta and recruitment so much!!

Breakfast with my bro at Squeeze In and I found this at our table! I get bestie time with that pretty lady in 5 days!

Oh hey pretty vamp on my arm! let me know when you've decided on a name.

we were talking teen heartthrobs at the bar last night and when this came up, I thought of you. Sooo dreamy!

My child's ultimate adventure?! Wrong, Space Camp. That's MY ultimate adventure! Someone take my to adult space camp!

My step mom sent me this today. I was super hot at 15!

I didn't know The Todd drove a Prius, but it seems very fitting. #QuestionableSexualityFive

My friends are the only friends to have. The end. That's it.

I honestly don't know why anyone chooses anything other than sprinkles as a fro-yo topping.

Thanks to , this is the background on my phone. I'm pretty obsessed. #Girls

I wish this was real! Justin Timberlake + Saved By The Bell = my two favorite things in life!

Our hands look very similar today!

So long gay boys! Leslie Chow is behind you!

Drunkies. At least we are pretty.

We are the prettiest prom couples.

Oh hai, prom photos.

Dave just sent me this. I'm so gangsta; I could hang out with the homies on Crenshaw.


and none of them are good! Except this one. Hahaha

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