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Somewhere between the soul and soft machine, is where I find myself again. Beardy. 3DS Friend Code: 2208-5430-6561

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Humid Monday is humid!!

just for scaring me...

Getting some of the polystyrene foam insulation into the ceiling of the caravan. #nofb

Getting some of the polystyrene fiam insulation into the ceiling if the caravan. #nofb

only a little one. :)

My new schwag just came. Woo!

These are my boots

And before.

Got the back wall of the caravan mostly dine today.

Got the air-con in the van. 34c down to 29c in five minutes! Awesome sauce. Dad has worked so hard on it.

My self portrait of how I feel today. (hint: it's not good)

Here is a robot named Garry.

The caravan, she is gutted (mostly)

This is my view for most of today

I really should learn not to gnaw at my fingers.

My caravan has arrived. Needs a lot of work, but will be awesome in the end

My Xmas present from Lucy. Awesome!!

Out with my friend Lucy tonight.