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Somewhere between the soul and soft machine, is where I find myself again. Beardy. 3DS Friend Code: 2208-5430-6561

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So happy with my sketch commission (my first!) from Emily K. Smith of .

Barbarian Hulk and his brothers.

Got another Hulk figure for my collection. :)

was this you I was behind today??

Grrr!!! Zombie Thumb attack!!

Today I bought all of the things, but now I am all of the broke.

Yeah so I just got zombie swarmed and died. Oops. :( #zombicide

“Amy” () may be in trouble… #zombicide

I think he’s trying to wife you…

Wow! Check out the awesome flame paint job on this car!!

I know I am!!

did you see this? Genius!!

bought a new figure today to practice on/destroy. :)

God Katie Holmes looks so much happier now she’s left Tom.

remember this:


You would love it here. ALL Doctor Who.

Bit of a fire up at Joondalup.