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Thai Army tanks are moving from Korat in Northeast to Bangkok. Army need them to suppress pro-democracy activists

  • 704 days ago via site
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Kabul, Afghanistan BEFORE the USA armed the Mujahideen and helped create the Taliban

  • 705 days ago via site
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  • 706 days ago via site
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The President of Foreign Correspondent Club Thailand has never tweeted any support for jailed Thai journo Somyot

  • 707 days ago via site
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Max, on his 14th birthday. Hates postmen, howls like a baby when left alone. Patrols entire building every morning

  • 707 days ago via site
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These are the Thai fascists the BBC's Bangkok hack called "friendly"

  • 707 days ago via site
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Extreme far-right imagery on sale at Thai fascist rally in Bangkok.

  • 708 days ago via site
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Once again Bangkok's expat community engage with the debate in a meaningful, intelligent and constructive manner.

  • 709 days ago via site
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Thai Democrat Party/PDRC fascists kidnap and then torture man for 6 days. Horrific.

  • 710 days ago via site
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Thai Army tanks rolling on Bangkok's streets again. Deliberate attempt to intimidate civilian govt. US/UK silent.

  • 711 days ago via site
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After being asked by UNICEF to keep kids away from protests fascist leader Suthep finds another child human shield

  • 714 days ago via site
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Thai Army checkpoint in Bangkok using "forest camouflage". In the middle of a city. #Fail

  • 715 days ago via site
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Type of grenade launcher used in Bangkok ONLY used by Thai Navy who are now directly linked to fascist leadership

  • 715 days ago via site
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PIC Heavily fortified Thai Army positions now springing up all over Bangkok.

  • 715 days ago via site
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BREAKING Another photo of Thai Army armoured vehicles moving around Bangkok. #ThaiCoup #ThaiFascism

  • 715 days ago via site
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BREAKING Armoured, tracked Thai Army vehicles now moving into Bangkok. Armour movements in NE Thailand as well.

  • 715 days ago via site
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So West attacks Putin's homophobia by installing a homophobe as Ukrainian President. Genius.

  • 715 days ago via site
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Yet more evidence of the BBC's "friendly" "huggable" Thai fascists. Lovely people. Very approachable.

  • 715 days ago via site
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BBC's correspondent in Bangkok was actively telling people the violent fascist rallies were "friendly". Very odd

  • 715 days ago via site
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do you have many photos of Harriet Harman meeting with pedophiles? Here's someone else meeting one

  • 716 days ago via site
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