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Special Projects guy for @NASAHistory. Often mistaken for Andreas or Andre.

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Jumpin' Jack Flash:

Awww! I'm so happy my brother came to visit!

Haha: "We have to assume this is the first time the boy and girl are meeting. Bear with me, please [hands clasped]."

How'd they know I was in town?

Bus ride of our lives :) #sts135

I have no cable but I tuned in briefly to the audience cam. Who's the cheese head? #VMAs

I see you!

African-American soldiers had the same questions abt military integration in the '40s that #LGBT troops have today #dadt

I meant to avoid becoming a squirrel lady. Here's the baby lady my nephew & I rescued. I mean squirrel.

Coaching the nephew at the skate park I used to come to when I was 15.

Our last moments together. Nephew was sad to learn we were just dropping it off & not taking it back. #NuttyTheSquirrel

Arriving at the Wildlife Center (Humane Society). Last time I was here was for an injured turtle. #NuttyTheSquirrel

Dropped off #NuttyTheSquirrel at the South Florida Wildlife Center. Nephew and I wrote on the box to wish it good luck.

Animal Care doesn't drive out this late so I'm dropping off the little guy in a Priority Mail box. Thanks, USPS!

Young limping squirrel. Called animal care because it looks sick, trembling.

Hometown community center remains virtually unchanged. This playground toy has been here for at least 25 years. #NASA

It's my nephew's first birthday but more importantly, I can still roller-blade. #yesihaveinsurance

Mr. T is always watching over Suburbia. #jibbajabba

I would watch this over Basketball Wives. #NASATweetup

Insulting IV: