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Special Projects guy for @NASAHistory. Often mistaken for Andreas or Andre.

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Reminds me of this snuffleupagus/wookie I saw last week:

A jam-packed bus means I get to be co-pilot! #famouslastwords


Also, weave found a weave. 18th St is fantastic when it's above 50 degrees.

This dog is making my life right now. Chewie, is that you?

Air Force One has landed at MIA. I used to watch her come in from my office window. #avgeek

I think it behooves you to apply. Behooves. Behoof.

No Italian festival is complete without a FIAT 500. #festaitaliana

Contrast: #occupydc behind #tasteofdc ticket distribution point. #ows

Chowing down on a Nutella waffle from Wicked Waffle. I can hear vogue-fainting. #tasteofdc

It just dawned on me: I am the Squirrel Whisperer.

New artwork for Cartoon Network's China Il in Adams Morgan.

So this is someone's FB status on my feed right now:

Apple's PowerBook Duo 270c: Introduced in '93, discontinued in '94. It's still the third smallest MacBook. #natbookfest

All right, time to play 'Name That Tech Relic' (two photos): #natbookfest

All right, time to play 'Name That Tech Relic' (two photos): #natbookfest

. Memories. The Magic School Bus at #natbookfest with Ms. Frizzle signing autographs:

This kid wrote a book when he was just 8 years old. His name is Kekauleleanae'ole Kawai'ae'a or Lele for short.

Real life Connect Four at 's bday bash! #DC

Everyone loves a good car fire.