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Special Projects guy for @NASAHistory. Often mistaken for Andreas or Andre.

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ALLEGEDLY! I like these but can't imagine myself wearing them.

Here, #60Minutes, I just made art. I call it UNRAVELED. It symbolizes the empty soul beneath my skin. Cost: $8.2 mill.

It's like an air show at the #BlossomKiteFestival, especially with the giant planking snorkeler.

Who wants to tell me why this cat with opposable thumbs?

Ron interviewed the winery's resident cat with the glitter mic.

Setting up the karaoke machine. Hi.

The bus driver is late. "Well, let's make mimosas while we wait." #FridayFriday

Liquid architecture at the Hirschorn Museum. The planets are almost aligned with the Washington Monument.

Somebody asked why I was taking a photo of my door step. Because right now it's stunning:

Gemini and Apollo astronaut Thomas Stafford about to testify on NASA's future with the ISS. #ISSHearing

So a Ghostbuster walks into ...

Down by Wall St, there's Stone Street.

But they're coming in! I'm coming upstairs to rescue you.

Stepped out. It smells like smoke inside and firefighters are going in next door with hoses.

I just told these flowers to stop producing carbon dioxide. We are no longer friends. Thanks, Rick.

And if you liked those #tulips, check out the Floral Library. #CherryBlossoms

I've caught the tulip bug. They're really blooming in this little garden.

This was at 11pm at 16th & M Street. It's nightly.

Here is what I mean re: the S2-S4 buses. This is nightly. Love the buses but please fix. #wmata

The march has ended. I hope they got the message - a crime against one is a crime against all. #SilentMarch