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Nijinsky meets Woolworths

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Tempted to walk into reception and keep shouting "UPDATE ME! UPDATE ME! UPDATE ME!" in their faces.


To be fair, it does look pretty damned snazzy.

Disproportionately annoyed by this advert for suggesting anyone puts on their boots and bag before their trousers.

Pretty sure when I die my greatest regret will be that I didn't write this book.

Inital experiments with our other revenue stream also looking positive.

Why yes I am enjoying my new shower curtain thanks very much for asking.

I don't think you fully understand the consequences of your actions.

This necklace is definitely my second favourite present I got this year.

This is the worst thing I saw today and I saw a pigeon's wing that had come off lying in the road.

I don't think discovering I have a poster of the Lloyd's Building on the wall in my lounge will surprise anyone.

The internet is no help at all. That's not how syllables work, guys.

To be fair, it does look pretty awesome.

Oh, also, my friend owns this. It made me think of you. And awkwardly ask to photograph them.

That's one of my favourite photos. On a par with this photo of David Bowie with a kitten on his head.

Hat is beauty.

Smashing Lego bus stop sign outside Hamleys.

And I don't even know what Waitrose were thinking.

Either there are copyright issues or Cadbury's marketing team have never actually heard of sweets before.