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bootcamp: v-ball, b-ball, dodgeball, pick a line & run, 4 push-ups, & major trash talking. #atomictoddler

Mommy fail. 7 mile run into the storm. Picked up by a stranger. Shoulda checked the radar

Post test playground 4x15 ball throws, box jumps, hanging leg raises w/ weighted ball, pull-ups.

Anyone wondering how to market themselves while u are in the store...BAMMM Worry no More! Can be done with duct tape

#tbt I haven't done one of these before buy came across this a week or so ago enjoy!

First time cooking with quinoa. I feel like I cooked my bean bag.

Saturday morning started 3 hours jealous. Oh wait, I actually posted the real pic of what I was doing....

Way to go Texas. You reached "Sun" Level. ☀☀☀☀☀☀

I've got a goal, gym closed, class at 1 & cant make it to . Problem solved! About to Wreck Shop!

Brewing coffee. Again. 2pm bonk.

Asked for hair like Jen Aniston. Nailed it!

Laughing at my "recently used" emoticons. Not sure what it says about me....

Looking all cyborg-ee & schweaty! Weighted vest uphill sprints! Whoo wee, My fat is crying! Round Rock

& Grey Dog both shirtless. Soulmates #AustinPetsAlive #AdoptADog ready to play!!!

ran some hills to this bad boy... Pretty sure it may be a fun addition to a cycle playlist!

Made myself a friendship bracelet, bubble bath & coffee w/ a mug that says "it's all good" So...Pinterest that!

Bad mood, hungry and on soccer duty. Having a pity party... But that gets u nowhere... So here's my attitude changer

#ATX rain! born N2 drought,not sure about rain! Umbrella of Shame! Boat Race!

This pic says it all. Take note.

Tired from the first leg of our girls weekend.....packing.... & I are loose this weekend! Watch out!