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I'm a designer, a geek girl, mac lover, gardener and internet nobody. I make no promise to entertain you with my twitter account.

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so I may have sprained my ankle. but at least i've got this new sweet ride.

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dear I see you changed my desktop background to a unicorn. while thoughtful..do it again and I'll feed your fingers to a great sword.

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Seeing the ticket number at zero is such a good feeling.

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Is there anything scarier than the Tumblr fail screen? "The world has been taken over by power hungry androids and by the way - Tumblr hates you"

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what to do when you have no pie weighty thingies... ?

Something went wrong. Here we go again. "If a jellyfish is going to attack you today it will be me." #beafraid

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okay amazing thing number two just happened. found THIS in the fridge (veg drawer)

beautiful drive on the way to weekend camping.

Irrefutable proof. Look how great these guys look?

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- this is what happens when people say too many nice things about a Wizard... Wizard love.

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Finally. The Wizard with a scary wand. The human bone wand. Still dripping with blood. Wizard enemy blood.

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Wizard again. This time it's the stinkiest wand known to wizard kind. The rotting seaweed wand.

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Still same wizard. Another wand. Sausage this time. A delicious - if ridiculous wand.

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Same wizard - different wand. Bread stick wand. Arguably the most embarrassing wand. Ever.

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Definitely not a scary wizard wand... This carrot wand is a definite embarrassment of a wand.

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this is my new strawberry pot full of herbs! thanks to for buying it for me.

  • 2228 days ago via api
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These lemon blossoms smell SO good. I think I might be creeping out my tree with how much I am sniffing it.

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