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Not sure where I got this scan (?). Lovely Garcia-Lopez Batman pencils. Complex and simple at once.

  • 1202 days ago via site
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Perfect Aquaman, by Garcia-Lopez and Dick Giordano. From the old DC style guide.

  • 1202 days ago via site
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Yahoo ads are getting out of control. Lemme guess... it involves resting your head on your enormous boobs?

  • 1270 days ago via site
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My costume, as suggested by . Stay out of my territory.

  • 1274 days ago via site
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God, have you ever seen a man so clearly loaded while on a comic con panel? (I'm in the middle)

  • 1319 days ago via site
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Ten panels that literally changed my life. Stunning sequence from Goodwin/Toth's "Death Flies the Haunted Skies".

  • 1468 days ago via site
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As if wasn't busy enough making comics! Now it seems he has time for work as a body/hand/beard model.

  • 1470 days ago via site
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How Trump sees himself. A Sullivan reader shares a pic of the portrait that hangs at Mar-A-Lago. Class!

  • 1473 days ago via site
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In case you missed it in the flurry of tributes, Good Lord, was Elizabeth Taylor stunning.

  • 1483 days ago via site
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Here's Ellroy's farewell to Facebook. Classic.

  • 1484 days ago via site
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Because a Google search for "Jackie Treehorn's drawing" didn't yield results, a gift for you, my dear friends.

  • 1521 days ago via site
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Yeah, I did get a vertical monitor setup. I kinda made my own! Just tilted my widescreen.

  • 1532 days ago via site
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Remember that time and I got to see Roman aqueducts in Spain because we drew a bunch of comics? Cool.

  • 1534 days ago via site
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My new hat, from Optimo in Chicago. They make fantastic lids (including Depp's Public Enemies fedora).

  • 1537 days ago via site
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This is not something you really want to see connected to the place you call home.

  • 1544 days ago via site
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Poor Val Kilmer. Fat, and had to sell his ears to pay off his tax debt.

  • 1576 days ago via site
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Just bought myself some Ray-Ban Clubmasters. Probably shouldn't have but, dammit, I wanted them for LA and Vegas.

  • 1580 days ago via site
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Yay, Twitter Secret Santa and my own personal Santa, ! I love my new Madmen book. Also, it goes well with my hat.

  • 1590 days ago via site
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Sometimes you have to wear a nice hat while writing. You know, for inspiration.

  • 1595 days ago via site
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The greatest con photo of and me also includes a sketch now owned by !

  • 1612 days ago via site
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