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Wait... What? #weirdtrip

  • 1832 days ago via site
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No wonder I feel like I'm gonna fail! I spent my lectures making up comic book characters!

I think I may have outdone you a tad here...

  • 1844 days ago via site
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I miss the old kinda spam. Y'know, emails about Viagra and Nigerian Princes wanting a bank deposit. Not this crap.

  • 1846 days ago via site
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Took me around 30 mins to make, but the copy's taking ages. The more I stare at it, the more disgusting it looks.

  • 1858 days ago via site
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Oh god. Not again.

I think I've made a startling discovery that may alarm the Indian community...

  • 1904 days ago via site
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If this isn't the most depressing thing in the whole of the North East of England, then I don't know what is.

  • 1943 days ago via site
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Goodbye, long facial hair. It was nice having you around to keep my face nice and toasty-warm.

This is the face of a man who is trying to make a fake turkey, do washing up, and tidy the house at the same time. #hohoho. #not.

Teaching to use her new phone. #godhelpme :P

Phew, haven't seen this screen in a while! :D

Try sleeping in conditions where entire rivers freeze over.

  • 1996 days ago via site
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The "Braving The North East Snow and Ice" look. What you can't see is the giant boots and the corduroy trousers #fashiondisaster

  • 2010 days ago via site
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Guess whose feet these are! Hint: they're not 's...

This has amused ever since I was a little boy

Shit reeeeaaaaally hit the fan when I was away, didn't it?