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Kickass Wonderchick. Diehard foodie. Laugh addict. Kitchen Vixen. @PunchDrunkMMA Co-Host. THAT chick on Let's get creepy.

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LOL. Renzo, my friend. I love you dearly.. But why do you look 3 feet tall here?!!

well check YOU out! :-)

decided against fifty shades of fuckery and found this instead. Have you read this one? #excited

Those in Vegas this week & interested - Tuff N Uff tix for Friday are on Groupn. #mma


I thought of ya earlier! Where have you been?!!

No, make that the 5th row.

me toooooo! Look! People! Places! Things! Haha. I'm such a geek, but it tickles me. :)

Thanks for ringing the bell & running, UPS guy. I'll figure out a way to move that on my own. No big deal.

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain. I like watchin' the puddles gather rain...

well, there's still this:

I just realized im eating breakfast next door to the tiny Orlando gym I interviewed you at 2+ years ago

my dig doesn't do beer.


look what I just found while I was unpacking :)

Brio was beautiful. Now I'm ready for a nap.

Would this be the Swedish version of you ?

9yrs is an awful long time to miss someone. Don't hesitate to tell your loved one(s) you love them, unsolicited. #RIP