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Geek and entrepreneur working at the intersection of the Internet, ubicomp (or #IoT as it's now called) and sustainability.

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In this misty weather the St John's Tower looks like some sort of ufo coming in to land

Some quality advertising for our LED throwie workshop here at The Public

A good morning's LED throwie making

It's a lovely morning here in West Brom. Breakfast first, then we're off to the strange-looking black building in the middle of this picture

. meets 's felt flowers

And there's more new lighting, this time on the new big wheel. Same poor quality camerawork I'm afraid :-)

Anyone know what's happening at the Anglican tonight? The lighting has good all colourful. Not that this photo shows it

Loving the opening times on this florist on Oxford Road here by #bcman2

The product of a good evening's pumpkin carving (and mine has some electronic wailing effect inside)

3rd time lucky? As the last twitpic got posted, let's try again

Just for because I was passing it again - the queue outside Smiffy's

Let's try this again (esp. for ). Here's a photo of with Fabiano Martino Bubblino, his new baby brother

has a new little brother. Say hello to Fabiano Martino Bubblino (he's on the right, running through final checks)

That's one big ship

Just for (& after my comments the other day) here's a pic of my suitably ancient stereo

The soldering has commenced!

The latest installation in the foyer seems to be channelling the #hackspace vibe (looking at the logo)

And top bloke that he is, has lent me this proper old school ghetto blaster for Interface Amnesty. Result.

Anyone got some really heavy duty rope? I've got this idea for a game of tug of war :-)

Not quite sure what they're setting up for, but the Port of Liverpool building is looking quite colourful at the minute