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Geek and entrepreneur working at the intersection of the Internet, ubicomp (or #IoT as it's now called) and sustainability.

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Now that's a nice back for an iPhone. Good one

Anyone know what they're up to by the ferry terminal? Have BP decided to only drill in shallow water now? ;-)

Anyone recognise this ship from a certain 1980s TV show?

. and the main course

my starter

Enforced stop as the bridge is up to let some boats out of the marina and onto the river

Waiting for at the rather resplendent Princes Park gates

Cool, the Victoria Gallery serves Ubuntu cola!

I see your biggest mousse and I raise you one smallest cupcake :-)

Wondering if has been sharing his location viz with Hope Uni ;-)

Cool picture of the party leaders made from their leaflets by the guys at

And the picture of #oggcamp

Gil Scott-Heron is a legend. Fantastic gig last night at the . Today's choice of tunes has never been easier

And here's a pic of said chair #igniteliv

I can beat that. I even used this in my camera just recently. I think it could fit on 3 photos :-)

it's not Tesco's fault, apparently. Just convenient for them. This wasn't quite as convenient though :-)

Think I've got all we need for the hacking at the #ANDfest #interfaceamnesty tomorrow in Blackburn :-)

The new benches in Derby Square are very nice

Picking up another exhibit for #makerfaire_uk from

Hmm... This reminds me of Turin's old monorail station. Liverpool hasn't been visited by Lyle Langley has it? :-)