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Geek and entrepreneur working at the intersection of the Internet, ubicomp (or #IoT as it's now called) and sustainability.

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Nice to see 's owl pop up in 's talk here at

It may be the biggest Chinese Arch outside China, but still too small for a massive giant to fit through :-) #seaodyssey

Lovely display in of some of the items 3d-printed on 's #makerbot

Ooh, exciting - new colours of plastic for our #makerbot project :-)

Thanks! This is waiting for next time you visit :-)

A good afternoon's 3D-printing with the #makerbot

I'd suspected for a while now that our y-axis is wired up back-to-front :-)

Taken a while to get settings right, but think and his student will like this :-)

The pace of progress at is staggering. We've gone from building castles to the Empire State Bldg in minutes!

they're a bit quiet at the minute, but still going strong :-)

I know Liverpool has a history of challenging the Government but I didn't think they'd signpost it so obviously

Digging 's "solar-powered" laptop lid decorations :-)

I'd assumed the horse I could hear outside was the usual mounted police, but it turns out I was wrong

Not quite datadecs, but my has been joined by the 1st item off the laser-cutter :-)

Trying to work out if we can 3d-print a Christmas tree at so I've somewhere to hang my :-)

Service sheet for this radio is from when I was 3 months old. My Dad was a radio repair engineer then. Some things never change :-)

saw this by the Chinese Arch last night. Is the company doing a bit better than you let on? ;-)

Damn, I leave my desk for a couple of days and claim it. No sign of though...

Anyone visiting should bring their Walrus card (or Oyster or other RFID card) and try out the RFIDrum :-)

. we've more 3d printers, bubble machines, solenoids and rfid readers too :-)