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Ooo we've got a feisty one over here #scared oh wait..

Tolo! thanks for last night and happy bday hoeeeeee

Me and have put loads of effort into your present wrapping . #hmmmmme

Lyds crakin big fat chills

Oh dear, I've heard it all

I'm the cat whisperer #madeanewbestfwend

looking beauts

Pour my heart out to and she just throws it back in my face #badgirlfriend

Crackin chills as per

We don't like you

Look at my saved wifi networks #portugal #poppininpop

Baby gettin shy

Mi gyals

Malaysia lovin with

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, did this yesterday tehe #toocheeky

have fun with your 25kg bag yeah #safe

Joyful visit from red riding hood

Matching jean hype

Keyboard for retards #cute

havin a sing song

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