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I like to flip off nuns and moon the elderly; push down little kids, steal from the homeless, and run from cops for fun:) KIDDING I JUST LOVE LIFE AND LAUGHTER!

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And I did this Peeping Ghost lol

My little brother did this bat

Beth did this one - really cool - "Trick or Treat"

More pumpkin carving - my brother did this cat - the pumpkin was too little to do anything else haha

All of them together :);):)

All of them together :);):)

This one's mine - PuMpKiNhEaD!!! Took forever but it was worth it!!

My brother did this one - SpOoKy FaCe!!!

Pumpkin Carving HELL YEAH!!! My friend Beth did this one - CrAzY bAt

All Of Them Together YIPEE!!!! :);):)

CrAzY sCaReCrOw

SpOoKy FaCe

Pumpkin Carving!!! Hell Yeah!!! Crazy Bat

This is Shelby . . . Coolest fucking dog I've ever had!!!!!