Badass feminist praxis-maker. (Thanks @everettmaroon!) If you don't mind, why don't you mind? Where is your sense of indignation?

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Attempting to hide lack of bra with strategic smocking.

Unlike some adult men paid too much money to play a game, this puppy doesn’t bite. #OutrageHiatus

Doxie has a gift for you! #OutrageHiatus

It’s so fluffy! #OutrageHiatus


It's way too early to be awake. Wee tiny baby bunny agrees. #OutrageHiatus

Gonna go take a ride. #OutrageHiatus

Hedgehog eats dinosaur. Film at 11. #OutrageHiatus

So cute this bun fell over! #OutrageHiatus

Not suspicious AT ALL. Not in the least. Oh wait. #yourslipisshowing

#OutrageHiatus check out this extraordinarily ecstatic stoat, y'all. Also, isn't stoat a great word?

And again. Because this app hates me.

Really WWF?

I adore you. Here, have a cute thing.

Labor exploration, monopolistic practices, market coercion and this. Screw Amazon forever.

If bunnies don't do it for you, how's about a puppy with a flower? It's almost as big as she is! #OutrageHiatus

Do we need a little #OutrageHiatus tonight? How about a bunny with some corn to nom? Corn is tiring when you're tiny!