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Educate biz owners about the simplicity of numbers & how to utilise systems & innovation to improve their biz, Accountant,Former Surfshop owner,COO,mentor, Mum

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Finally! Cheers everyone! #latteclub

took forever to get here

My new buddy Mav the Moose wanted to join the #latteclub too. He keeps an eye on my productivity. :)

Meet Mav the Moose, my new desk mascot.

My thinking spot....

And nature on the path....

The little black dots are the surfers waiting for the next set...

The view of Juc back from Bells Beach. Love where I live. :)

The destination...

Well that's the blurred view. But the sound is just amazing ~

Cheers to everyone. Get your awesomesauce jet started! #latteclub cc:

just for you. :)

Supersized cheers everyone. World problems to solve today.... go solve some.....

Grande cheers! #latteclub

Cheers #latteclub cc:

And cheers to all the lovely people in the #latteclub :)

Loving my new two screen setup! :)

Cheers #latteclub - Remember that #lattes can solve world problems :)

Cheers and enjoy the cupcake! #latteclub

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