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Hello unfinished article on the Canberra Times website, nice to see you

I am actually physically surrounded by my essay. Hurrr

Chicken and leek and mushrooms and beans noms

Driving with a windshield full of ice: difficult (yes I tried the bottle of water trick)

So after this incident today I'm not sure how my cat feels about me


I accidentally more than half a bottle of red into the sauce. It'll reduce right?

Thanks ANU that's real useful

I see your nonchalance and raise you a

Cat, you are not a lapdog

Well that's really unhelpful #wtf

This is what I've had for the last 5 hours


The lazy stir fry: steak, an onion, garlic, frozen peas, snow peas and broccoli, leftover bok choy and some soy sauce

Look, . Look at this and be ashamed. Kingston ACT is not the middle of nowhere.

Cut to the quick on the thumb, not so deep on index but it might rip if I catch it

Friendly white cat!