the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.

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Me and are sickening

Me and are sickening. Pet names

Mashup boots

The red blob in my eyes got worseeeee :(

Omg what is this red blob that's appeared in my eye!?

looks so hot here haha

look @ my tea

Why do women think wearing this kind of see through leggings where you can see all cellulite and wobbles is ok????

Thanks asos


How much brown hair do I need lol

Finally finished sewing all the clips into my extensions...and my hand is so cramped from holding the needle :(

How pretty is my new Mineralize Skinfinish by

Walking up my road have a pic

The view from my bed, can't sleep

Sewing my clips in longlonglong boringboring

Anyone who knows my manager will know how uncharacteristically nice this text is hmmm. Oh well got my day off.