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Stand-up comic, actress and treasure troll.

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Come see me and at Zanies tonight!

Psyched about my $15 purchase. But my roomate says I'm a White Russian away from looking like The Dude.

Who still gots theirs? #Ultimate80sTackleBox4Tweens

Bye bye St. Louis. Thanks for the $1 vintage steals!

$25 steal for new Sebago Docksiders, made me love Charlotte, NC

I wish my ass was this special.

I found Vietnamese people in St Louis! #PhucLoi

Willy Wonka farted!

Oprah and Gayle in St Louis!

St Louis, ur making me leave with a heavy ass suitcase. #StarClipperComics

I'm scared these will make me grow chest hair and white guilt

These r the kind of cards I get in my windshield wipers. I live on the corner of tamale and kimchee

Impulse, non-returnable buy. Help! I got bamboozled by a madhouse sale. What da heo do I wear with these?

Bye bye San Diego. Thanks for the yummy.

My homie made this for Halloween. Nobody knew who or what he was supposed to be.

I'm in love

It's Feb, and winter is done in LA. Sad to say goodbye to layers

Wow Canada, add a deformed baby while ur at it

Saw this at LACMA. It made me both happy and depressed about living in LA. #MicroMachineDream

Are we sexy or WHUT? The faces we're making will do a good enough job of preventing spermination

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