I'm madly in love with Jake Quickenden

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I'm 18 years of age and I still have to take this because I can't swallow tablets

Town x x x

My favourite man ready to go sky diving :D

10 out of 10 for the wonderful igloo me and jack made

Town will enjoy my ginger hair tonight

These rollers complete my life, seriously

Tidy bedroom like but dya like it? Was menna show you tother day but I forgot lol oxoxox

Ordered these last night and they were here for when I woke up this morning, I love too much

Someone, anyone needs to take me back here right now


Poza. Happy new year suckaz

Me and hayley haven't got enough beer so were just nipping Tesco getting some more #restinpeacegirls #deadprobs

Hey like my new blanket?

Obviously wonna go out in my rollers

look what I got xxxxx

Hahaha I love her

Ohh she's too good to me hahaha!

Got this ready for tomorrow just incase that lava and meteors get abit hot

#IfYouKnowBolton you'll know it isn't a good thing that you have this on your phone