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let the record show I WIN

Installed iOS 7.0.3, and, well, not all the bugs are gone (right ?)

Why Microsoft’s policies about what you can and can’t do with an XBOX ONE disk are basically irrelevant:

what we have too much of is shitty low-rent commercial stock. Exhibit A:

have now tho

Got bored so I put my apps in alphabetical order

I wouldn’t eat a whole crisp

I love our local paper so much

It appears I may have overstated my Pokémon naming ability.

the three Forever Evil miniseries(es) advertised in this week’s DC titles all have $4.99 cover prices.

Makes me giggle every time Siri says this.

Oh man, you should! But yeah, Tambi:


Fuck me tho, new Kings Cross IS pretty lovely

also damn you

Oh shitting cockballs it's Boris

Hahahaaaa, I forgot I did this when I drunk-pre-ordered GTAV: bought the “limited edition strategy guide”. HARDCOVER:

OMG MY LEAVING GIFT IS AMAZING. (Art by , apparently, who kept that under wraps)

In today’s NS: on ! (“The ‘macroeconomics for beginners’ book we have all been waiting for”)

What a great illustrations page (in Jacobs, J., The Death and Life of Great American Cities)