Makes UIs, likes UX/HCI, bakes cakes, runs a lot. Hard to please, but that's a good thing.

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Virtual kneeling fascism being inflicted on

Oh. My. God. Who's coming with me???

Even the wireless mic cases are sexist! Note suit and tie ;) /cc

B'a'ffled c'a't.

We've adopted a lovely Helvetica 'a'

PSA: Billy the Copyrighted Owl is now in the area.

We're in! #bbcfieldtrip

A good but annoying short read. Why do technology pundits insist in calling the digital space the 'other space'?

And suddenly, a vintage leather suitcase filled with novelty condoms. Thanks !

I have baked.

Just another night out.

It's sexy tiem.

Nature, you scary bastard.

Panic at #uxlx as the coffee machine gives up the ghost. No UX skill can save us now.

What exactly am I looking at here, Lisbon?

Thanks for the M&Ms, - great prototyping tool #uxlx

In a few years, all this will be gone. Book stalls, Oriente station

Dawn run.

trying his hand at mobile juggling