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Normal is an illusion. Jack Dail owns my heart.

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She is so fierce I cannot even...

So it seems as if hannah has stolen my phone at some point and taken selfies?

My lip gloss be cool, my lip gloss be poppin.

Found this on my moms phone... Does she stalk me?

At least my uggs look pretty.

Scroll through the pics on my phone to randomly find this and idk how it got there...

We so cute

"Take a picture of me and put it on twitter" SHE'S SO CUTE.

The selfies they send me though... #AttractiveBoys #TheeseGuysNeedHelp


... Member theese?

I miss last semmester... ):

Typical white girls? Pft no. We did not go into a photo booth and take pictures with our starbucks..

Just chillin.

Another reason why I love my studio.

My facial expression everytime someone calls me pretty...

Last performance of the year and we dropped the bass.


Stage selfie ♥

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