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Publicity Assistant at @thekarpelgroup. Firm believer in sassitude. Insatiable thirst for all things pop. See also: nudity, laughter, dogs and YOLO.

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Of course, I remember. You can barely run around in those Fendis.

Today in Gchating with about the hot topics of the day.

Aw, . You're in the iTunes Top 10 for #MrKnowItAll.

Aww, isn't allowed to guest host on Today anymore?

Wall Street Journal is SO CLEVER.

I love my Dad…


I love that PCD got a hit w/ a song with this title and Scherzy literally can't w/ songs with titles with REAL WORDS.

Yeah, I went there.

I see this sticker and my first thought is, "CURTIS WAS SUPPOSED TO LOVE ME!" #gay #dreamgirls

So is my sister.

Whipping out some serious fall/winter plaid realness tonight.

Sonja, a new blonde and two new brunettes are eating outside at MPD. #RHONY

Example 2 of Inappropriate Quotation Marks:

I love my local diner because of their inappropriate use of quotation marks. Example 1:

Great review of 's #Stronger with a nice pretty well photo-shopped pic.


Ugh, 's first mug shot was so flawless. The latest is just constipated.

Me and are the Richards sisters. Sorry you're mad.

GPOY of me and .