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and my drummer says he's a real man.

a lovely girl wrote me a letter an asked me to wrote out "take my hand" for her so she can get it tattooed. here it is :)

new york. this is why i love you.

always take the time to stop and appreciate the little things in life. they all come together to form the big picture.

THIS is why i love boston.

been conquering coasters all day. beating my fears to a pulp one by one.

hahahahahaha no comment needed!

there's the pic to go with my last tweet about

is it just me or does from blink look JUST like zac efron on the cover of the warped tour 2010 cd?!

dude. are you really wearing victoria's secret pants right now? i'm pretty sure they don't sell men's clothing.

just went through 's bag. found a chocolate bar, condom, hackysack, and comics. our bassist in a nutshell.

if your hairstylist ever asks you if she can "diffuse" your hair "for fun" do not say "sure!"

hmm.. doesn't my album drop around then? :)

alex and brian's excellent adventure part one: disneyland.


frankieeeeee!!!!!! my baby boyyyy all grown up.

ahhh those were the good 'ol days. gotta live before you die.

ahhh those were the good 'ol days. gotta live before you die.